Attachment Parenting

Since Jay was born I have always tried to follow my instincts.

Most of them have led me to the door of what people would call ‘attachment parenting’.

Breastfeeding, Baby-Led Weaning, Co-Sleeping, Baby Wearing – the list goes on.

So this is what I will always advocate – because the great thing about AP is that you don’t have to fit the mould to do it. You do what bits work for you and ignore the rest, whichever they may be.

It is just a gentle, more instinctual way of following what you child is trying to tell you.

I’m not a crazy hippy, I just like snuggling my child way too much.

Some of these things may not work for you, or knowing that it is normal may be just the confidence boost you need to try it. Either way – go mama!!

550923_473900992625670_814244038_n  IMG_2488-001


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