#Blogtober16 – If I Won The Lottery

Firstly, I’d think ‘bloody hell, I’m glad I played the lottery that week’ but it’s very rare that we do. Either that or I wouldn’t question the nice lady and back away smiling before running like hell with the big cheque (or £10 note).

I think I’d tick the box to stay out of the press as well.

I’ve seen so many people on the TV saying how winning the lottery isn’t the key to happiness and money can’t buy health but obviously it always helps. The key is balance.

It’s okay to have that balance after you’ve finished screaming, buying everyone you know expensive chocolates and buying four of anything from Primark.

I’d keep the same car now that I know what most of the buttons do (although I’m sure hubby wouldn’t) and the same phone. We’d still holiday at Haven although we would be able to buy ourselves a pimped out caravan.

However, the big thing for us would be a new house. We’ve got plenty of shit to fill it up with – we don’t really need anymore.

I’ve just had a look at RightMove because we actually found our dream house not too long ago. Within walking distance of my mothers house, a swimming pool, plenty of land because all I ever want is a garden to run around in.

Now it’s gone.

So what we would do with a lottery win now I’m unsure. At least it would give us options to look for that dream house but right now it’s not on the cards – unless I got my mum a chauffeur to bring her to our house at back. Yes, I’m a grown woman with a family of my own but I’m not moving away from my mum.

Because money can’t buy you that stuff.

I’d still ask her to pick me up some baby wipes and sanitary towels while she’s at work – although I might pay her back.

Until then I either need to start playing the lottery more or working more efficiently (I don’t like to say harder because burning yourself out isn’t the key to everything). Either way I’m sure we’ll achieve our family balance at some point, and hopefully our dream house will be back on the market by then.*

*Planning secret haunting.

Don’t forget to check out the rest of the wonderful ladies taking part in #Blogtober16 and pop back again tomorrow where we’re talking about secrets.


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