#Blogtober16 An Old Photo of Me

I come from a family who are obsessed with photographs. Us getting a digital camera probably put a lot of film processing machines out of commission.

However, for day 2 of Blogtober, there was only one picture that first came to mind when asked to share an old photo of myself.


This photo was taken by my mum in the cafe at the top of The Great Orme in Llandudno.

We had a weeks holiday in Llandudno every single year and the Orme was always a must. I think this year (I think I’m about 11) my mum and I went on our own, spending nights sitting in the tiny bar at the back of the B&B we always went to (and also my very first job helping to clean up after breakfast and set up for dinner for Β£1 a day – 50p a shift).

Just looking at this photo makes me happy because I look like the person I always felt like inside. I’ve got my hair the length I always wanted, a headband (signature) and clothes on that to this day and I can picture and absolutely loved – full on tomboy style.

This person was amazing. I love her. I would want everyone to be her because *warning* she gave no fucks.

Trying to find this picture meant Jay and I scrolled through some pretty sketchy looking Facebook albums so I’m just going to add two more I loved below. I mainly love them because they’re take in the house we live in now when it was still my nans and that gives me all the happy memories.


In the back garden, crawling into and possibly eating coal in the coal bunker in the back garden. The joys of being the coal mans granddaughter.


In our back garden again, surrounded by my gnomes. I can remember taking this picture like it was yesterday but still no idea why I decided to become gnome queen for the day.


If you want to join in #Blogtober16 hope over to Hex Mum and get your creativity going.


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