This Day in History – August 5th

It always seems like particular days, no matter the year, seem to be the same. According to TimeHop anyway. Specific days when you’re snap happy or a Twitter addict (or even feeling whiney).

I reckon I may be the only person still addict to TimeHop – or that’s hubs opinion anyway. It’s part of my morning routine now to check it and usually it’s lovely, if I ignore some of the cringe worthy tweets.

This morning, this day in history for the last few years, seems to have showed a lot.

So here is a quick lowdown on ‘our history’ from the last 4 years. After all, blogging is a diary.

4 Years Ago

4 years ago – 2012 – Jay was 100 days old. ONE HUNDRED DAYS. He’s already huge and smiley.

The Olympics were in full swing and I remember being really happy. Really wrapped up in him. I must have just started to heal and pumping was in more of a routine and I’m sure this was one of the first times he has ever been in his cot properly just for a kick around. He loved his moses basket so much that he was in there until past 4 months. He still sleeps on those star sheets.

3 Years Ago

3 years ago – 2013 – and daddy’s new car. We swapped one red Seat for another red Seat once we realised that no way was a 3 door going to work for any length of time with an active child who didn’t want to be tied into a car seat. I’m not sure if this was the Ibiza or the Leon – all I know is it didn’t last long and we (hubs) has had two more since.

2 Years Ago

2 years ago – 2014 – but I feel like I’ve had these trainers forever. To most they might just seem like a pair of shoes – a pair that are current sat in the corner of our dining room covered in mud – but they’ve seen some things.

This was just after my heart diagnosis and my aim was to get fit and start recovery. Since then they’ve taken me through two periods of recovery and now I’m back to being inactive again. I miss them. I don’t think running trainers will be on my horizon anytime soon and I miss it!!

1 Year Ago

1 year ago – 2015 – and when I could actually run and we were doing laps of the park. This picture is mainly just because LOOK AT HIS FACE!! There is just some joy in it that I love. They’re supposed to be playing basketball.


Today – and I’ve only just realised how much he’s changed.

Tuesday was the anniversary of us getting our new Team Walsh member, Harry Bird. Jay is obsessed with birthdays so we through a little party for Harry today. Jays attention span actually managed to make a card and modify the banner, plus stand still for a photo – all of which is a triumph in itself.

What funny old days August 5th seem to be. Thanks TimeHop – I hope you have something amazing for us tomorrow.


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