Wedding Vows, 2 Years In. 

It’s wedding central up in here. Every reality programme (I’m sorry, but I will watch a reality programme on literally almost anything) seems to be having a wedding.

Teen Mom OG.  

Reruns of Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Newlyweds: The first year.

Okay, maybe that last one is a bad example for the number of weddings involved.  

It may be because most of them are American but the ‘in thing’ seems to be writing your own vows. Vows to put them first forever, to love them always and always let them have control of the TV remote.  

Well, we’ve been married for two years and I’m pretty sure that’s not how marriage is. Not our marriage at least. Maybe some of that delusional ‘I promise we’ll be happy forever’ stuff works for other people – although I very much doubt it – but not for us. Even if we had written our own vows two years ago(instead we went very traditional) they wouldn’t have been like that.  

What would they have been? I’d never thought about it before but maybe I’m about to find out…  

‘I can’t promise you any of that soppy stuff. Neither would I want to because our relationship has never been conventional. Ever. Our first date, including McDonalds and gatecrashers, established that one.

Sometimes we are exactly the same person. Some of the time we are complete opposites. I like that. You snore. That not so much. Saying how happy I am to be starting the rest of my life with you would be a bit too cliché for us. We can both be arseholes. But we are building this foundation on a friendship I don’t think even the universe wants to try and understand. There isn’t much that can be stronger than sharing memories of standing in the school break queue for toast.  

I can make one promise thought – I will challenge you every day. I will push you to your limit, and no doubt you will push me to mine, and with that we will grow into better people. We will grow into the potential that sparkled in our eyes the first day we met and attracted us to each other.  

I promise to think back to the reasons we are here and all the things we have conquered already. You know what I’m talking about. And that’s why – because you know without me having to say anything.  

We will take this as an adventure – muddy, possibly windy but with amazing views and the possibility of bikes. I think we have appropriate clothing for the journey, plus our additional companion, and that’s all we need.  

We were a team from that very first day. Now, what’s next?’ 

Told you we were weird 😉 😉 


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