How To Love The Unpredictable British Summer

If there is one thing that’s reliable about the great British summer, it’s the fact that the weather is going to be unreliable.

Mid-April we may all be out in shorts and t-shirts (or just a nappy in the case of my little one) and by mid-August (speaking from experience of how I feel right now) we can be curled up under the worlds fluffiest dressing gown just to avoid shivering whilst watching Dragons Den.

Which can only mean one thing now that my tiny baby has grown into a toddler with a sign attached to his back reading ENTERTAIN ME… NOW!!

Creativity. A creative imagination for spur of the moment activities to get us thinking and moving and making some happy memories together – whatever the weather.



There is nowhere better than your own back garden. With a few toys (usually in our house a few buckets of water too) and some suitable seating, any space can be turned into a playground.

In our garden you’ll usually find hubby sitting in the corner ‘blasting out the tunes’, Jay running back and forth with water refusing to wear anything other than a nappy and his shoes which gives me the perfect opportunity for some camera time.


And when the garden gets too small and they both need a big place to let off some steam there is nothing better than stumbling across the local summer festival by accident.

Spending time together doesn’t have to cost money, the pictures are always worth more, but nothing is as priceless as watching your child experience and learn new things.

IMG_2897     IMG_2887



We’re in the UK. It’s inevitable that we’re going to be stuck indoors at some point. That doesn’t mean we can’t make the most of it.

Indoor picnics of my favourite thing of this year. No need to bother with finding Tupperware for everything. As long as you’ve got enough bowls and plates, and don’t forget the picnic blanket to protect the carpet, you’re golden. Bonus – if you forget something, it’s only a few steps back to the kitchen. You can even have an unconventional picnic any day of the week.


Other adventures after dinner are fun too. Being cooped up can something make toddlers do crazy things and discover something new….. that may even help make their 18th birthday party pictures more interesting.


And when the rain has stopped you can still go outside and do some good puddle jumping.




Spur of the moment adventures can be the best kind and they don’t even have to be far afield. Something as simple as a walk around the block can still be an adventure.

I have lived in my village my whole life but taking this walk on a Sunday afternoon after dinner took me into quiet streets and roads I had never been to before. We had no idea where we were going to end up but seeing amazing and new things along the way, and sharing those with Jay made it the best kind of adventure.




Until this happened on the way home.

I told you Britain wasn’t the most reliable.




As Jay is growing up there is always something new and exciting around the corner – but who even knew my exciting thing for this month lay in my own childhood.

This post was inspired by BN biscuits who were kind enough to send me a free packet (or two). Despite being nearly a quarter of a century old I didn’t even dare admit to anyone that I had never tried them before.

All I can say is thank God my local Co-op shop has them on offer. Because every mother needs a new addiction every now and again to something chocolatey.


Other things we have tried this summer that are now a regular in the Walsh household –

Muller Surprise yogurt

Home-made potato fries

Mummy’s blueberry smoothie



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